LibertyCUBE Support and Help is Moving to Grassfire

LibertyCUBE Support and Help is Moving to Grassfire

Grassfire is the parent entity over is a fully featured, fully functional social environment/network that we’re putting enormous time and energy into.

With that being the case we’re consolidating support for,, and Grassfire Action into Grassfire Social. Meaning that any and all support/help requests will now be run through the official LibertyCUBE support group at Grassfire.

It also means that in order to receive support you will also need to be registered as a member of the Grassfire social network. Click here to register now.


There are a number of reasons for this. First, is a part of the new Grassfire Ecosystem. Now that doesn’t mean that by hosting for free with us that you or your blog has to take part in the larger network, but it does mean that we’re integrating a lot of what is available here over at Grassfire.

Second, we want to provide the best support possible across all of our platforms. Being spread too then, meaning… having to service support in multiple locations, sort of prohibits us from providing a good support experience. Our staffing resources are limited, so it works best for us to keep our support staff focused in one place that can service all platforms. Grassfire is already a social network with groups and forums, so it makes the most sense to host everything there.

Third, we want to encourage those hosting here to join Grassfire Social. I mean… why not, right?

Grassfire Social is a great social network with a lot of really fantastic members. You don’t have to join Grassfire to use LibertyCUBE’s free hosting platform, but you will need to register at Grassfire to use the support forums.

Hopefully this makes sense and we look forward to helping you build your online presence in 2017 and beyond!


In order to participate in the LibertyCUBE group on Grassfire you will need to:

  • Register at
  • Be logged into your Grassfire account
  • Join the LibertyCUBE group

From there you can participate in topics, start new topics and use all functionality of the Grassfire social network.


-Eric Odom

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