LIBERTYCUBE – Video Embeds Are Coming! EDIT: THEY’RE HERE!

LIBERTYCUBE – Video Embeds Are Coming! EDIT: THEY’RE HERE!

It seems like something simple, right? I mean, what kind of blog hosting service doesn’t enable video embeds right out of the box?

It should be simple and in a world without malice it would be. Unfortunately, there is malice in the digital space and some people intend to use sites like ours to do damage. In our case, enable global embeds can open up a dangerous can of worms because users would be able to embed certain malicious codes, scripts or links that could bring down the entire network.

We know video embeds are important and we’re working on it. We’ll soon have embed capability across the network. This will enable embedding of videos/media from a wide range of services. Once it’s ready we’ll update this post and message all network users.

So in short… embeds are not yet active but they are coming!

EDIT: You can now embed YouTube videos by using JUST the URL, NOT the embed code. The following is a video explaining this.


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