Grassfire Social: Leaderboards & Influencer Point System

Grassfire Social: Leaderboards & Influencer Point System

PROFILE NOTE: Eric Odom is the community architect and lead developer behind the Grassfire Social Environment at (Sister site to You can contact/connect with Eric with any questions or comments about GF Social on his official GF social profile by clicking here

Yes, is designed as a social environment that is in some ways modeled off of other social networks you might see online. The platform has a lot of features and functionality common with other social networks.

That said, Grassfire Social certainly has its own unique set of qualities. We never set out to be just like the other guys. We wanted to see basic features like chat, messaging, groups, profiles, activity feeds/walls, etc., but we designed the platform to be much more than that.

While Grassfire Social is certainly a place where members can post non-political status updates, share news about anything under the sun and engage on whatever topics we like, at the heart of the network the objective is to help people connect politically. And to do so without censoring content that stands in alliance with the basic principles of liberty.

Unlike the liberal utopia where winners shouldn’t be rewarded and putting in extra work shouldn’t be noticed, we acknowledge that building a social community cannot happen without, well, without the community building the community.

Very active users who constantly connect with others, engage with content shared in the activity feed and generally help others find their way in our social environment are incredibly valuable. And we don’t ever want to see our most dedicated members overlooked.

So to help ensure we always see loyal and dedicated members we’ve built a point/leaderboard system that tracks activity across the site through an algorithm that assigns certain point values to specific actions. This isn’t in place to suggest those who don’t have a lot of time for the network aren’t valuable. Not at all.

This is simply a tool that helps Grassfire know who is carrying a lot of weight in building the community, who is becoming heavy influencers across the platform and it also helps members know who they can turn to for help or guidance in using the platform.


So without further ado, we want to introduce the Grassfire Leaderboards. The leaderboards track, in real time, the top 25 members across the entire social environment.

++ Click here to check out the leaderboards now

The algorithm is fairly simple and straightforward. Points are rewarded for things like logging in each day, liking or commenting on status updates, posting updates, sharing news/images, connecting with others as friends, joining groups and more. Certain activities have higher point rewards, and occasionally bonus points are awarded.

Now we certainly don’t recommend you try and game the system. In all honesty that will take too much work and effort. The easiest way to quickly see a jump in your point tally is to connect with others (find friends), engage in the activity feed and share a few things each day. The points rack up pretty quick with that simple formula.

Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later) we’ll be hosting contests and offering prizes for top ranked members and members who rise quickly over a short period of time. This all as a thank you for helping us build a community of like minded, liberty loving Americans.

Is the point system a must? Well, you can’t really opt out. But you can certainly ignore it. Some may like it, some may not care. But that’s the beauty of freedom! Choose to take advantage of the things you like about our platform and ignore the rest!

In any event, we truly do appreciate all who have jumped in to help us build the network. We know it’s still in its early stages and doesn’t come without occasional frustration. But it has been an honor to create something and see so many utilize it on a daily basis.

Thank you for that.

-Eric Odom

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